Our History

Multifab Manufacturing began business in 1987 forming acrylic plastics into bulk food bins and lottery point of purchase displays. Our processes at the time were mostly manual: cutting, hand routing, gluing and assembly.

To make lids for the bulk food bins, we got “high-tech” and made a thermoforming machine.

Manufacturing items from acrylic plastics was a simple process and lots of companies started doing it. We shifted our focus to doing more thermoforming work, starting with lottery ticket dispensers and fast food displays. We progressed to thermoforming for exercise equipment, wheelchair shrouds, and medical and dental equipment covers and bezels.

Our customers liked the results of our work and appreciated working with our experienced team.

Business takes off in aerospace

As our heavy-gauge thermoforming capabilities developed, we received an opportunity to supply retrofit interior parts for an aircraft interiors company. Success here furthered our involvement in manufacturing for the aerospace industry. Our process-driven approach to projects enabled us to deliver much more predictable parts for this critical industry. That consistency was needed then and is still needed today.

One stitch at a time

Multifab Manufacturing’s industrial sewing capabilities began with backpacks and grew into medical products and sporting goods. We also expanded our aerospace services into sewing curtains and ballistic blankets.

Growth through investment

Our growth is enabled by our qualified technicians and our investment in technology. We continually invest in machinery, equipment, software and personnel training. This is evident in our experienced team, expanding capabilities, high quality tooling and robust support systems.

The benefits of pressure forming

Multifab Manufacturing’s pressure forming capabilities stand out in the industry, providing the same level of detail as an injection formed part, but with lower up-front tooling costs. If you are currently using injection molded parts, talk with us. High-pressure forming may be a viable cost saving alternative.

Multifab Manufacturing customers benefit from our dedicated team and our commitment to solving customer challenges. We work with each customer, continually looking for ways to improve the design, tooling, manufacturing process and shipping to lower costs and deliver the highest quality products, faster.