Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming

Pressure forming and thermoforming are the technological heart of Multifab Manufacturing. Whether created by vacuum forming, or by pressure, products and parts made at Multifab achieve the quality and efficiency our customers need. This process can offer a lower cost alternative to injection molding.

Value-Added Services

There’s more to complete manufacturing than making the perfect part. Sometimes, additional services like painting, assembly, and decal application are necessary to wrap-up the perfect project. Multifab Manufacturing’s value-added services can deliver from A–Z.


Multifab Manufacturing uses state-of-the-industry CNC Machining Centers to complete even the most complicated tooling projects. The right tooling to make the right part. It’s all in-house at Multifab.


A U.S. manufacturing company with sewing services? Yes, that's Multifab. Our team of sewing technicians work with high quality equipment and detailed production drawings to ensure that complete sewn products or ancillary sewn attachments are handled with the utmost attention to detail.

Engineering / Quality

How a product or part is designed is the first step in ensuring a quality finished piece. Multifab Manufacturing’s engineering team works with customers so their part is designed for the most efficient manufacturing possible. Can parts be manufactured better than the drawing? They can be at Multifab.