It’s Our Responsibility

Multifab Manufacturing offers customers one point of responsibility when it comes to tooling and manufacturing. By being responsible for the tooling, we are in control of the entire manufacturing process, which increases quality while reducing variables and schedule issues.

Complex Tooling Made Easy

We build our tooling in-house, with the engineering background needed to ensure that even the most complex tooling is designed to enhance product manufacturability. From standard vacuum form tools, to multiple slide, temperature-controlled, and textured pressure forming tools, Multifab can handle short lead times and multiple tooling projects with ease.

Multifab Manufacturing’s educated, experienced machinists create tooling geared so parts come out complete with limited need for trimming.

Temperature-controlled tooling ensures that the mold will not change size or shape over the course of a production run, making the last part exactly the same as the first.

Multifab Manufacturing Tooling Equipment